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New Delhi: The micro-blogging site Twitter witnessed the #EmptyTwitterTrash trend in India on Sunday, November 22, 2020. As many as 62,000 tweets were posted by individual accounts and those of social media influencers, celebrities and famous personalities of all domains in the last 24 hours.

The reason behind this trend was to keep the social networking service clean and free of “garbage” (lies).

The #EmptyTwitterTrash trend was started by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev’s Isha Foundation who said: “Twitter has become an important public forum in our society and vital for our democracies. It is important to keep it free from abuse, slander and of vitriol. “

The tweet was in the context of the land grabbing accusations that the Isha Foundation has faced for years. They said they shared answers to all the accusations – of land grabbing, forest encroachment, illegal constructions at the ashram or presence in an elephant corridor, in a publicly available document called “ slander without substance ” which was published. in 2018.

“It is time for this Nation to reclaim public forums from special interests that stoop to any level to spread false stories and lies. Public Twitter platforms should take responsibility for the way they are (ab ) used, ”said the Isha Foundation.

“When will Twitter take a stand against being a platform for peddling lies? In this country, will we continue to allow such a bunch of liars with clearly vested interests to spread rampantly? their production by abusing public spaces? ” they added.

The foundation argues that a group of motivated, or uninformed, people continue to throw mud at their globally recognized nonprofit, which has worked for people’s well-being and spiritual growth for decades.

“Spreading the same lies with new flourishes over the years does not make it a truth. Our doors, books, records and documents are open – we call on the responsible media to reveal the truth and call out those liars!”, A tweeted the Isha Foundation.

Many Twitteratis were quick to retweet and share their own experiences of how they coped with a similar experience on Twitter and why users should be held accountable for the abusive content they post.


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