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Watch: This Coconut Paratha Will Give Your Regular Paratha A Sweet-N-Spicy Makeover (Recipe Video)

Strong points

  • The plush parathas give you enough space to experiment.
  • One of these unique stuffed paratha recipes is coconut paratha.
  • Paratha coconut offers an explosion of sweet-spicy flavors to our palate.

We all have a soft corner for plush parathas. Not us? They are spicy, flavorful, and a clear winner on a dining table. Hot, crispy parathas with a spicy stuffing of your choice and heaps of ghee or butter can melt our hearts and make us drink any time of the day. You can pair it with dahi and achar to make a healthy breakfast or with the sabzi of your choice for lunch or dinner. You can also roll the paratha and dip it in your evening cup of tea and indulge in a lip-smacking snack. They are not only satisfying, but also make for a balanced and nutritious meal. And the best part is that the stuffed parathas give you enough room to experiment with the dish. In fact, you can be as creative as you want with the filling for stuffing parathas.

While the classic aloo paratha, gobi paratha, dal paratha remains our all-time favorite, there are various unique paratha recipes that leave a strong impression on our palate. One such amazing example is the coconut paratha. Stuffed with a sweet and spicy coconut filling, this atta-based paratha adds a refreshing flavor and crunchy texture to our palate. Sounds interesting, right?

We’ve found an easy coconut paratha recipe that can be a great addition to your stuffed paratha list. This recipe was shared by vlogger Manjula Jain on her YouTube channel “Manjula’s Kitchen”. Let’s find out the recipe.

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How To Make Paratha Coconut | Coconut paratha recipe:

For this particular paratha recipe, we need atta (wheat flour), oil, salt and water to knead the dough, and coconut powder, milk, powdered milk, salt, red pepper powder and sugar to prepare the filling.

To start, knead a paratha dough and let it sit for a while. Then take a bowl and add the coconut powder, powdered milk and milk to it and mix everything well. Now add the sugar, salt and red pepper to it and give a final mixture. And the filling of your paratha is ready in no time.

Stuff the coconut mixture into small rings and roll a paratha. And finally, cook the parathas on tawa with a little oil.

You can take it with tea (as a snack) or pair it with sweet and sour sabzi (both dry and curried) for a full meal. Trust us, you have never tasted such a unique paratha before; this dish is worth trying!


Watch the full video of the coconut paratha recipe here:

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