Vokkaligas should have been first to get a development board: Kumaraswamy


As controversy over the creation of the Maratha Development Corporation rages on, Janata Dal (secular) leader and former chief minister HD Kumaraswamy said on Sunday that while all boards and companies are created for communities, Vokkaligas should have been the first to get it. .

“Bengaluru has a large number of Vokkaliga who depend on the land for their livelihood. Many of them sacrificed their land for the creation of factories. Vokkaligas’ contribution to the development of the state is enormous, ”he told reporters here at a party preparatory meeting for the scheduled BBMP council elections.

A company’s request for the development of Vokkaligas is the latest after Jains recently submitted a similar request.

This comes in light of the announcement of the establishment of development companies for the Kadugollas, Marathas and Veerashaiva-Lingayat communities over the past two months. The opposition called these announcements by the BJP government as those that plan to vote ahead of bypolls.

“If the public treasury receives a lot of money for development, that income comes from Bengaluru. The Vokkaligas gave up their farmland for industrial development and they now work as guards in industries, cooks and cleaners, ”Kumaraswamy added. The former chief minister said that a large number of Vokkaligas also live below the poverty line.

“If the concept of authority or council for communities is to be implemented, then the Vokkaliga development authority should be the first to be created,” he said. He said, however, that putting authorities in place would not help anyone, but that politicians were doing it to garner votes from communities.


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