US Election: Where do Trump’s legal challenges stand in key states?


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Updated: Nov 22, 2020 8:44:19 PM

The Pennsylvania trial is the latest addition to a long list of post-election cases that Trump’s legal team has lost or abandoned. (AP Photo / Evan Vucci)

Yet another blow to the Trump campaign’s relentless efforts to overturn former Vice President Joe Biden’s victory in the U.S. election, a Pennsylvania federal judge on Sunday dismissed a lawsuit filed by the president’s attorneys seeking to overturn millions of votes cast in the state.

The Pennsylvania trial is the latest addition to the long list of post-election cases that the legal team of US President Donald Trump and his allies have lost or abandoned. Of the 36 cases they have filed, only two have been won so far, Reuters reported.

Observers argued that Trump had little or no chance of overturning the election result, especially since his lawyers have yet to present convincing evidence to prove that widespread electoral fraud did indeed occur in the States of the battlefield.

Here’s where Trump’s legal challenges lie in key battlefield states


Just days after polling day, lawyers for the Trump campaign filed a lawsuit in Maricopa County, alleging that several votes cast by Republican voters, who used Sharpie pens to mark their ballots, were not counted because the ink had leaked through the paper, making it unreadable by the voting machines.

Lawyers included affidavits from individual voters who alleged that polling officers took advantage of the situation by overriding votes that would otherwise have been awarded to President Trump, The New York Times reported.

In response to the claims, widely known as #Sharpiegate on social media, Arizona election officials said voting with a Sharpie would have had no impact on the votes cast by the voting machines.

During a hearing on November 12, a lawyer for the Trump campaign admitted that the complaint was not based on evidence of electoral fraud. “This is not a case of fraud,” said Trump campaign lawyer Kory Langhofer. “We are not alleging fraud. We are not saying that anyone is trying to steal the election. “

The Trump campaign has since dropped the case.

In another case, the Arizona Republican Party tried to block certification of election results in Maricopa until a court rules on the party’s lawsuit for a manual re-count of a sample ballot. to vote. On Thursday, a judge rejected their offer to postpone the certification process and dismissed the court challenge.


Senior Conservative lawyer Lin Wood has filed a lawsuit to suspend certification of the outcome in Georgia, where Biden became the first Democrat since Bill Clinton in 1992 to win. He claimed that election officials illegally altered the process for handling postal ballots at the last minute, which tainted the state’s election results.

But on Thursday, a federal judge appointed by Trump himself dismissed the lawsuit. “To stop certification at the 11th hour, literally, would create confusion and a denial of the right to vote which, in my opinion, has no basis in fact and in law,” said US District Judge Steven Grimberg.

Georgia’s Deputy Secretary of State called the case a “foolish and baseless claim.” Deputy state attorney general Russell Willard also objected, saying the trial was an effort to roll back time on voting rights.


The Trump campaign on Thursday withdrew its latest federal lawsuit challenging the certification of ballots in Wayne County, Michigan. A Trump campaign lawyer has claimed, without evidence, that the county’s solicitation board refused to certify the results, despite having done so earlier this week.

Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, said in a statement that the campaign decided to withdraw the case “as a direct result of achieving the outcome we were looking for: preventing the Wayne County election from being prematurely certified before residents can be assured that every legal vote has been counted and every illegal vote has not been counted. “

In a separate lawsuit, two challengers of the ballot asked the court to block the certification process until an independent audit is completed “to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the election,” AP reported.


A Pennsylvania federal judge on Sunday dismissed the much-talked-about lawsuit filed by the Trump campaign earlier this month that could have potentially invalidated several million legally cast votes in the state.

“It is not in the power of this Court to violate the Constitution,” Judge Matthew Brann, a well-known Republican of the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, wrote in his dissent, obtained by CNN. He pointed out that Biden won the state, adding that the results would be certified by state officials on Monday.

In this case, Trump’s legal team claimed that the state allows counties to decide whether mail-order votes with technical issues can be resolved by voters themselves. Two Republican voters mentioned in the lawsuit claimed their equal-protection rights were violated because their county did not allow them to correct their ballots, and they were therefore rejected.

Lawyers have claimed that strongly Democratic counties, like Philadelphia County, allowed voters to “cure” their ballots when more conservative counties may not have done so. But Brann said the legal reasoning behind the claim was like “Frankenstein’s monster.”

“The answer to invalid ballots is not to invalidate millions of others,” read his dissent.


The Trump campaign has sued Nevada to challenge the election results and baselessly claim that the irregularities in the vote would be enough to nullify Joe Biden’s victory in the state. Trump’s lawyers have claimed that the votes were cast on behalf of deceased people and that election observers were not allowed to show up for “key points” of the handling of the ballot – allegations that were widely rejected by many. judges in the United States.

A hearing on the Trump campaign trial is scheduled for December 1, AP reported.

Meanwhile, a Nevada district judge has dismissed a lawsuit by a conservative activist named Sharron Angle to interrupt the certification of the state’s election results, which show Biden leading by more than 33,000 votes.


Two of Wisconsin’s largest counties, Milwaukee and Dane, are in the process of conducting a recount after the Trump campaign filed a petition asking for one, CNN reported. The count will be done in both counties until December 1, which is also the deadline for the state to certify its results.

Here, too, the Trump campaign claimed without evidence that government officials violated state law and that the mail ballots were illegally mismanaged and altered. Trump’s campaign has sought to reject thousands of missing ballots, alleging they shouldn’t have been counted in the first place. However, their request to reject the ballots was rejected by the Dane County Canvassing Council, AP reported.

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