U.S. House Democrats protest GSA delay in transition


Democrats, in a letter to GSA director Emily Murphy, asked to be briefed as to why the transition process had not started.

House Democrats are asking a Trump administration official for an immediate briefing on why she has not started the transition process for President-elect Joe Biden.

Democrats said in a letter to Director of General Service Administration Emily Murphy that her refusal to start the transitional activities required by law had serious effects, including undermining the orderly transfer of power, compromising the ability of the incoming administration to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, hampering its ability to cope with our country’s terrible economic crisis and endanger our national security, Democrats said.

The letter is signed by the chairs of the House oversight and supply committees. He requests an immediate briefing with Ms Murphy to help lawmakers decide whether to call Ms Murphy and other officials to testify at a public hearing.

Ms Murphy has yet to certify Mr Biden as the winner of the presidential election, blocking the process of officially launching the transition.

President Donald Trump, who publicly refused to accept defeat, chose Ms Murphy to lead the GSA.


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