Twitter May Soon Have Dislike And Downvote Button For Posts And Comments



Twitter may soon have a reject and negative vote button for posts and comments

Twitter may soon have a reject and reject button for posts and comments

2020-11-19T07: 51: 35 + 05: 30

We’ve all dreamed of a “dislike” button or negative voting setup on Twitter. Twitter’s product manager suggested it might come true soon. He said the company is “exploring” such a possibility.

In a recent tweet, Kayvon Beykpour, while responding to a user, confirmed that the company is exploring the idea of ​​adding an aversion button or negative voting ability. It would work the same as the dislike button on YouTube or the down vote option on Reddit.

The feature will encourage meaningful content and interactions among its users. The microblogging platform recently confirmed the same to Mashable.

Beykpour’s response touched on a list of issues a user reported to the Twitter executive. Others on the list mention “removing all coordinated inauthentic behavior”, “improving the user experience regarding harassment and reporting” and “misinformation harming users”.

Beykpour clarified that these three have been Twitter’s top priorities for years. It is, however, “important to address other issues as well,” Beykpour wrote.

Note that Twitter’s product manager only indicated that the feature may be offered to users. He didn’t mention a timeline for it or even confirm if Twitter will try.

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