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Tracks from BE and a surprise for fans on BTS’ MTV Unplugged performance

It was a momentous year for BTS with multiple peaks, but the inability to perform in front of their fans was something the members kept coming back to.

BTS misses the live performances, concerts and their fans – the ARMY. This was amply evident through the special episode of MTV Unplugged, featuring the Korean pop septet (K-pop), which airs early Wednesday morning.

In India, the special was created by VOOT Select and Vh1 India.

Their appearance on MTV Unplugged comes right after their BE album (Essential Edition) which was released on February 19. Dynamite.

In several past interviews, BTS members RM, J-Hope, Jin, Suga, V, Jimin and Jungkook spoke about how the album reflected their thoughts and feelings through the COVID-19 pandemic. This set is also peppered with anecdotes about the birth of certain songs.

A visibly elated RM said it was an honor to be part of the MTV Unplugged legacy and share songs from the BE album, which they cherish. The iconic MTV Unplugged over the years, world-renowned musicians have performed acoustic or “unconnected” versions of their songs.

A lively performance by Telepathy de BE has launched their set. The song’s lyrics, Suga shared, described their current situation of temporarily not being able to meet their fans and being separated from each other due to the pandemic.

Speaking of the very moving Blue and gray which they performed for the very first time, V said he tried to express his sadness and uncertainty through the lyrics of the pop ballad track – a song close to his heart.

The real surprise, however, was that BTS was playing an old favorite – Fix you by Coldplay. The song, Jimin shared, gave them solace in the difficult times they all went through in the past year. It will be really hard for several fans not to tear themselves apart when they hear the superb cover of the song by BTS.

Life goes on and Dynamite were the songs BTS has performed extensively over the past few months virtually, and they were the perfect picks to complete their set. For a song they’ve performed numerous times since its release, it was truly amazing to see their infectious enthusiasm and energy while playing the Grammy nominee. Dynamite.

It was a momentous year for BTS with multiple peaks, but the inability to perform in front of their fans was something the members kept coming back to. While J-Hope has said he looks forward to the day he can sing for fans in person, Jungkook said they will continue to stick with the ARMY with great music. Jin said he hoped fans would enjoy their very first performances of the “b-side” tracks on their album.

“In 2021, we will continue to be who we are and as BTS and bring great music, comfort and healing,” V said, towards the end of their set. It perfectly summed up their intimate and heartfelt performance – as a performance where the band infused comfort, joy and healing into their music, which endowed them with millions of fans around the world.


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