Second wave in country: Minister


Health, Family Welfare and Medical Education Minister K. Sudhakar said the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic had hit several countries, including India, which was evident in the reports on the spread of the disease in Ahmedabad and Delhi.

Speaking to press officials in Dharwad on Saturday, Sudhakar said the possibility of the second wave of COVID-19 hitting the state depended on how the population behaved responsibly. “If people continue to be careful and adhere to the COVID-19 advisory issued by the Department of Health, there will be no problem. But if people are reckless, then the possibility of another wave cannot be ruled out, ”he said.

The minister denied reports of lax testing as the reason for the drop in cases and said that as of Saturday, nearly a million people had been tested in the state for COVID-19 infection. .

“Every day, around 1.15 lakh people are tested. In fact, even in districts where testing is increased, there is no spike in the number of infections, ”he said.

He claimed that Karnataka was among the main states in the country to have effectively managed the effects of the pandemic. Although the situation has improved, there would be no complicity from the administration, he said, adding that he expected the COVID-19 curve to be flat by the end of the year. March. In defending the decision to reopen colleges, he said it was also important to ensure the academic progress of students. The minister said that in the event of a further increase in the number of infected students, the decision could be revoked.


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