RJD Candidate to Challenge Bihar Assembly Election Result in Patna HC


RJD leader Shakti Singh Yadav will file a case in the Patna High Court on Monday challenging the outcome of the Assembly elections in Hilsa constituency in Nalanda district, Bihar, from where he lost the urns.

Yadav lost the election by a narrow margin of just 12 votes to JD-U candidate Krishna Murari Sharan. The result was announced on November 10.

“I was the victim of an injustice committed during the counting of the votes on November 10. So I decided to fight against it to get justice in court,” Yadav said.

“I won the election by a margin of 549 votes. All the candidates, including those of the JDU, left the counting center and I have video footage to prove my claim. Then the returning officer has started the recount of Tables 8 and 9 and I was declared defeated by a margin of 12 votes, ”Yadav said.

“Officials manipulated Tables 8 and 9 and converted 90 votes into 190 votes,” he said.

Besides Yadav, a dozen of Mahagathbandhan candidates lost the ballot boxes by narrow margins of less than 1,000 votes.

“I want to lead by example by losing candidates by knocking on the doors of the tribunal for justice,” he said.

Narendra Singh aka Bogo Singh, Matihani’s candidate also lodged a complaint with EC after LJP’s Raj Kumar Singh defeated him by 333 votes. He demanded a recount of all EVM, VVPAT and mail ballots.

Sudhakar Singh of RJD defeated Ambika Singh of BSP by 189 votes from Ramgarh constituency. Ambika had also lodged a complaint with the EC requesting the recount of the votes.

Complaints were also lodged by losing candidates (who came second) in the constituencies of Parbatta, Dihari and Kurhani.


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