Railways Likely To Restore 8 Mail, Express Trains For Punjab Region From Nov 24


New Delhi:

The railways have drawn up an interim plan to restore mail and express trains to the Punjab region from November 24, the national carrier said on Sunday.

“According to the information received, the rail unrest is likely to be lifted on the evening of November 23. As a result, the provisional plan for the restoration of rail services in the Punjab region will be as below,” the officials said. Railways by providing a list of trains that will be restored.

“The plan is subject to track safety, authorization must be received by the respective divisions of the associated state government and security units,” says the restoration plan prepared by Northern Railways.

“A total of 17 trains will be restored, including eight for the Punjab region and nine for Jammu and Katra,” he said.

However, all trains will remain canceled for Monday.

These trains will be the first to be operated by the railways after a suspension of nearly two months due to the protest by farmers in the state.


The railways said the trains would maintain a maximum speed limit of 60 km / h for safety reasons.

However, 26 special trains scheduled for November 23 and 24 will remain canceled, the railways said.

On Saturday, the railways said they would resume freight and passenger train services in the Punjab following the state government communication that the tracks were free for operations hours after the farmers protesters decided to allow the services to operate.

The farmers said the unrest would be over by November 23 for a period of 15 days.

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