Project to showcase Thalassery’s heritage to tourists


The thalasserie, often called the land of cricket, cake and circus, has a culture that is an amalgamation of different cultures due to its proximity to the coast and the influence of French and British colonial rules.

Kerala Tourism’s ambitious Thalassery Heritage project aims to increase the popularity of the Kannur District Heritage City and provide tourists with an experience that reflects culture, festivals, art, architecture, history and state heritage.

To be executed with funds from the Plan and assistance from the Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board (KIIFB), the ₹ 187.70 crore master plan prepared for the overall development of the circuit will include Harbor Town, Pazhassi, Folklore and Cultural tours.


The project also aims to conserve and display all of the significant heritage sites of Thalassery, one of the most historically significant sites in the Malabar region. The town of Thalassery will be the epicenter of the project and the destinations at Mananthavady in Wayanad district and Vadakara in Kozhikode district will also be part of the tours.

Under the master plan prepared by m / s Space Art and approved by the government, the Harbor Town Tour will receive ₹ 27.49 crore, the Pazhassi Tour 82.32 crore, the Folk Tour ₹ 15.62 crore and the Tour cultural ₹ 30.34 crore for taking over various works.

Work to resume

Conservation of the Thalassery pier; development of a food street, a sculpture park at Pier Road, an old fire tank and an entertainment center and a heritage street in Thazhe Angadi; and the reuse of the Gundert Bungalow as a language museum and German study center will be resumed.

In the port city tour, the history of the city’s buildings, the remains of the old bustling shopping center and various historical monuments reminiscent of the colonial era will be presented.

The cultural tour will cover virtually all important aspects of life, from architecture and folk arts to tales of mighty warriors and their kingdoms, temples and the glorious past of the craft in hand.

Popular arts

The Folk Tour will screen the folk arts and culture of Malabar, with a particular focus on Kalarippayattu, which is said to have inspired art forms such as Theyyam, Kathakali, Koothu, and Koodiyattom.

The Pazhassi Circuit spans Kannur and Wayanad, covering 21 destinations including palaces, temples, museums, and forest areas that played an important role in the life and struggles of Pazhassi Raja.

The Kerala Irrigation Infrastructure Development Corporation (KIIDC) is the special purpose vehicle for the project. Tourism authorities and planners say the project will improve tourism experiences and open up an entirely new region for economic development.

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