PM Modi lays foundation for 23 rural drinking water projects in UP’s Vindhyachal


Through: Express press service | Lucknow |

Nov. 23, 2020, 1:21 a.m.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi. (Photo PTI)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Sunday, laid the groundwork for 23 rural drinking water projects in Sonbhadra and Mirzapur districts of Uttar Pradesh’s Vindhyachal region by video link and praised the state BJP government to continue development work despite the Covid pandemic.

“Despite the coronavirus pandemic, this device (drinking water in rural areas) will ensure that the development path will not be affected. Uttar Pradesh is also an example… Compared to the perception of Uttar Pradesh earlier and the predictions made, to the way projects are implemented one after another, the image of the government of UP and its officials change completely, ”Prime Minister Said the minister, praising Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

“The way the fight against the coronavirus is carried out in the UP… The migrant workers got a job, they were taken care of. It is no ordinary job that in such a great state so much is being done on all fronts. UP did kamaal (wonders). I would like to congratulate the people of the state, their government and Yogiji’s team, ”Modi said.

The Prime Minister also praised Adityanath for reducing cases of encephalitis and said the state government’s success in bringing the disease under control “is widely debated”.

“For saving the lives of innocent children, every UP citizen blesses the whole team of Yogi Aditynath,” Prime Minister Modi said.

The Prime Minister said that despite the resources, the regions of Vidhyachal and Bundelkhand have been deprived of development work for a long time and invoked the poet Rahimdas.

“The poet Rahimdas had said ‘jaa by vipadaa parat hai, so aavat yehi desh‘(a person in difficulty comes to this place). The reason for this belief was the abundant resources and possibilities present here… For decades after independence, if an area had fallen prey to neglect, then this was that area. Whether Vindhyachal or Bundelkhand, this whole area despite its resources has become an area of ​​scarcity. Despite so many rivers, this area has been identified as the thirstiest and most drought-affected area. This is the reason which has forced many people to migrate from here ”, declared the Prime Minister.

The Har Ghar Nal Yojna of Rs 5,555 crore would benefit around 40 lakh in more than 3,000 villages in the region, Modi said.

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