Pak Vs NZ: Pakistan Players To Face Less Restrictions During Quarantine, Says Report


The 50-strong Pakistani cricket contingent, which heads to New Zealand on Monday for a T20 and Test series next month, will face fewer restrictions than the England tour the team undertook earlier this year, according to a report. (More cricket news)

Although the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has not allowed families to accompany players and officials, but according to a report in the ‘Express Newspaper’, there will be fewer restrictions for the touring team this this time from England.

The report says that after reaching Auckland, the Pakistani contingent will be in a 14-day quarantine period. Pakistan are playing three T20 internationals and two tests and the New Zealand board of directors has said it is considering allowing crowds for the matches with the cooperation of its government.

The series begins with the T20s on December 18.

In the initial quarantine period, players and support staff will spend three days on their own in total isolation during which they will not be allowed to leave or meet.

A COVID-19 test will be performed on the fourth day, after which groups of 15 people will be formed, including players and support staff.

Members of these groups will live in their own separate areas and will not be allowed to interact with individuals from other groups during the remainder of their quarantine period.

Once the quarantine period is over, another test will be carried out after which players and officials will be free to roam as they please. In England, players have undergone more COVID tests and have been in quarantine for a longer period of time.

They were tested every five days during the England tour.

It was during the quarantine period that some players in the West Indies violated COVID-19 protocols at their hotel last month, resulting in a prolonged period of isolation and a backlash from the host cricket committee.

The Pakistan Cricket Board has yet to announce the COVID-19 test results that every player and official gave after meeting at the team’s hotel in Lahore on Saturday.

But the board has made it clear that unlike the England tour, this time around anyone who tests positive will not be traveling to New Zealand.

Ahead of the England tour in June, at least 10 players had tested positive for COVID-19, endangering the tour and embarrassing the board.

The Pakistani contingent for New Zealand comprises 35 players who will represent the senior and A national teams and 15 support staff.

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