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Not Just Kapil Sharma, Here are 5 Other Bollywood Celebrities Who Lost Their Cool in Public

Bollywood celebrities have often been dazzled by the public due to their controversial interactions with the media. The internet is full of examples like this where the stars of B-Town lost their temper, regardless of the cameras clicking while doing so. The latest example is that of comedian-actor Kapil Sharma, who ended up going after the paparazzi, inviting criticism.

Kapil was injured and was seen arriving in a wheelchair at Mumbai airport. As the paparazzi rushed to take his photos, he berated them, asking them to get out of his way. He also ended up swearing in Hindi which left photographers furious.

Earlier, too, celebrities were seen arguing with reporters on the pitch. Here are some examples:

Jaya Bachchan –The 2013 incident is infamous when the veteran actress slammed the media for calling actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan ‘Aish’. Jaya berated the media for her stepdaughter, saying, “Aish kya hota hai? Is she your school friend?”

Deepika Padukone –The star lost her temper when a post posted a photo and a comment about her “cleavage.” Deepika ended up having a public tiff with the post through a series of tweets. When her position was described as “small” by a reporter at an event, an angry Deepika said: “You have no idea what you are saying right now. I am already very angry and you anger me even more. “

Hrithik Roshan –The Greek god of Tinsel Town wasn’t in the mood to get clicked when he visited Shirdi ahead of his movie’s release, Kites. He refused to pose for the photos but having failed to cooperate with the paparazzi, he found himself in a physical fight with a cameraman.

Ranbir Kapoor –The star has previously been in a public fight with paparazzi on her way out of Olive Bistro on newsstands. He ended up getting into a fight with the cameramen, so much so that he grabbed the guy’s cell phone in the process.

Salman Khan –The superstar has often been faced with straightforward questions from the media. However, there was this time he couldn’t come to terms with the allegations against him regarding his Being Human brand being a PR exercise to cover up his controversial past. He lashed out at reporters saying, “Do you have any idea how much work we do at Being Human? We do a lot of work every day. I didn’t even put my name in there, man. I’m not even a member of the board of directors, or any of the directors. You have no idea, man. Do one thing: Come live my life for a day. “


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