Meat-free eating, coffee & cricket: How Zampa bonded with a ‘caring’ Kohli in IPL 2020


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November 22, 2020 1:30 p.m.:13

Virat Kohli and aggression go hand in hand, which is probably why his image on the pitch is that of a combative superstar. However, according to Australia’s leg-spinner Adam zampa, the captain of India is a “laid back guy” who loves to watch videos on youtube and who loves to talk about coffee, travel and more.

Zampa and Kohli played for the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in the recent Indian Premier League (IPL), where they forged a bond around meatless food, coffee and cricket.

Revealing Kohli’s caring attitude towards his teammates, Zampa said: “It was the first day I arrived (and) he got me WhatsApped ‘Zamps, here is the 15 USD voucher at a vegan restaurant in Deliveroo . It’s a very good restaurant ”. I didn’t have his number. He pretended we had known each other forever, ”Zampa told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“He’s absolutely not what you see on the cricket pitch. He always brings his intensity to training and play; he loves competition, he hates losing as much as anyone. He probably shows it more than anyone, ”Zampa said.

“Once out of the park, he’s the scariest guy. He’s watching YouTube clips on the bus, he’s going to laugh out loud. “

Zampa said Kohli also talked about coffee, travel, food and once asked the Australian “do you want a Beyond Meat burger?”.

“He’s a really cultured guy. Good to talk, great fun. The only thing you take away from spending time with these guys is that they are as much of a human being as you are.

“One evening he pulled me aside and told me about his travels through Nepal. He always tells me about his new coffee machine. He’s a pretty normal guy.

Of his battle with Kohli on the international stage, Zampa said, “I’ve released it seven times, but they’re just a click away; The economy is well and truly more than six races per over too. It will be interesting now that we are closer.

“I love the challenge of bowling in Virat. He is probably the best player of all time. See, he’s got 43 hundred or whatever and you’re like, ‘Wow, he’s a big wicket, he’s superhuman’, but at the end of the day you spend so much time with these guys, ‘ Zampa said.

“They experience their own emotions. They live the bubble life away from home, they are all as human as you and make as many mistakes as I or anyone else, ”he concluded.

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