‘Look Forward to Working for a Long Time…’: Trump at G20 Meet, Before He Headed to Play Golf


US President Donald Trump went golfing after making a brief online appearance on Saturday at the G20 summit, an event hosted by Saudi Arabia but held virtually due to Covid-19.

Trump, who still has not come to terms with defeat following President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the November 3 presidential election, spoke after the opening of the two-day virtual summit.

A source with access to the online sessions, which were closed to media, reported that Trump had “said he had done an absolutely amazing job during his tenure, economically and with the pandemic.”

It was a “self-publicity” exercise, the source said, adding that “he didn’t say anything about the world situation.”

“It has been an honor to work with you and I look forward to working with you in the future and for a long time,” he said according to a second participant.

After his stint in the virtual spotlight, Trump was replaced by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, with other world leaders having their say.

He later left the White House and headed for his golf course in Virginia, not far from Washington.

He was greeted by a handful of supporters wearing Trump flags, one bearing the effigy of the 45th US President and a “Four Years Older” banner.

Another sign, however, showed a slice of bread marked with the words, “Face it. You are Toast.”


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