LG Appears to Be Working on a 17-Inch Rollable Laptop, Patent Hints


LG appears to be working on a new laptop that features a roll-up screen that can expand from 13.3 inches to 17 inches. According to the patent designs available on Root My Galaxy, the device looks like a soundbar in its unrolled form with the power button appearing to be present on the right side. Likewise, the keyboard also appears to be hidden inside the device and can probably be summoned from the front area. The South Korean tech company has been working with rollable devices for some time now, and recently a report suggested LG is also developing a new rollable smartphone.

The patent designs further emphasize that the LG roll-up laptop has a hidden webcam and the screen can unroll individually, that is, it does not require any additional kickstand or keyboard support. While this indicates that the device can function as a monitor as well, there is no additional information to support this claim. As of yet, LG has not confirmed the development of the roll-up laptop, and it’s likely that the patent could just be tied to a concept, not a commercial product. Interestingly, the roll-up laptop appears to take advantage of the same technology LG used for its roll-up OLED TV which was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019. The base of the TV which also resembles a soundbar in it. its unrolled form includes the 65-inch OLED screen.

Meanwhile, the patent designs of LG’s new roll-up smartphone, “Plan Bposted earlier this month. The designs indicate that the smartphone will come with a screen that can be removed from the left and right sides, which provides a tablet-like form factor. While in its unrolled form , the device appears to be an ordinary smartphone. In addition, Apple is also reportedly working on a new foldable iphone, slated for launch in 2021. Details on the new one are unclear at this time.


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