Last lunar eclipse of 2020 on November 30: Check India timings, significance and other details


The last lunar eclipse of 2020 will take place on November 30. This year, the “Upachhaya” lunar eclipse will occur on Kartik Purnima on November 30, which is a Monday.

Start time of the eclipse: November 30 at 1:04 p.m.

Medieval eclipse: November 30 at 3.13 p.m.

End time of the eclipse: November 30 at 5.22 p.m.

Effect of the lunar eclipse:

According to astrologers, the lunar eclipse on November 30 will be the last of 2020. Astrologers have stated that the last lunar eclipse of this year will affect the sign of Taurus and Rohini nakshatra and may also have an effect on almost all signs of the zodiac .

Each eclipse has a Sutak period in which it is suggested to chant mantras and do meditation. In the next lunar eclipse, the Sutak period will not be valid because it is an ‘Upachhaya’ eclipse.

What is the ‘Upachhaya’ eclipse

It is widely believed that lunar eclipses are not to be seen with the eyes, but this has no religious significance. Only lunar eclipses are not seen with the eyes and therefore are not included in the almanac. Experts say the lunar eclipse on November 30 will be visible in India, Australia, America, the Pacific Ocean and Asia.


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