Kiran Bedi Effect: Pondicherry T20 Tournament Temporarily Suspended



“Kiran Bedi effect: the T20 tournament in Pondicherry is temporarily suspended

Kiran Bedi effect: Pondicherry T20 tournament temporarily suspended

2020-11-21T22: 01: 34 + 05: 30

The Pondicherry T20 league, planned by the Pondicherry Cricket Association (CAP), has been temporarily suspended after Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi called the construction of the Thuthipet stadium illegal. (More cricket news)

The honorary secretary of the CAP V Chandran declared on Saturday: “The CAP is of the opinion that the lieutenant-governor DR Kiran Bedi should not have published a letter dated 12.11.2020 and disseminated it on social networks which undermined to the reputation of the CAP and the landowners without giving any of us to explain our factual position. “

Chandran, in his letter, called it “regrettable” that Bedi refused to support the “iconic cricket center” which has eight major cricket stadiums with an international stadium built “without taking a single rupee (or) a grant from BCCI infrastructure. “

“It is very unfortunate that government agencies under the Lieutenant Governor refuse to support the iconic cricket center, which is the face of Pondicherry and ordered to be demolished without proper trial.”

“… Also disconnected from water supply and power supply without notice. No support for Covid testing as well.”

Chandran alleged that the association had been “unfairly punished”.

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