Kerala govt. urged to relax travel norms for businessmen


Allow everyone to move if they test negative for SARS-CoV-2, says Calicut Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The strict quarantine measures they face every time they leave the state are a concern for businessmen. The Calicut Chamber of Commerce and Industry has asked the state government to allow flexibilities for businessmen who have to travel multiple times across the country and who will not be able to submit to a quarantine of ‘a week each time.

“There are no such restrictions in other states. They cause a lot of problems for businessmen here, ”said Subair Kolakkadan, Speaker of the Chamber.

“Businessmen have to travel to other states for meetings, collect raw materials and other related activities. Upon their return, they must register on the COVID Jagratha portal and show the purchased pass at the airport. Then they must complete seven days of quarantine before they are allowed to leave their homes. It is very inconvenient for them, ”said Kolakkadan.

The chamber stressed that people traveling to foreign countries simply had to wait a day to take a COVID test. “Those who come from other states to Kerala do not have to undergo testing or quarantine if they have no symptoms and come back within a week. In addition, people traveling by road have no restrictions in our system, ”he said.

The Chamber called for such contradictions to be avoided and for all travelers, including businessmen, to be allowed to travel and relocate if their tests turn negative.

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