‘Karnataka riding on wave of innovation amid COVID-19’


The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for rapid innovations and Karnataka is really riding this wave, CN Deputy Chief Minister Ashwath Narayan said.

At the three-day Bengaluru Tech 2020 summit final here on Saturday, he said that Karnataka had fought the pandemic with courage, with a strong sense of responsibility, showing remarkable resilience, and what clearly helped was three factors: people, policies and processes.

Calling on entrepreneurs and innovators, he said: “Entrepreneurs must actively work together and come up with solution-oriented innovations that can help solve our problems, including those generated by the pandemic. Innovation, especially in the exploitation of disruptive technologies, is the need of the hour. “

This year’s summit, with the theme “Next is now”, created a broader platform for the global exchange of knowledge and ideas.

“This summit saw eight memoranda of understanding with our partner countries and four more are in preparation, among which two memoranda of understanding will be signed with the United States in the aerospace sector. We expect an exchange of ideas in this sector between India and the partner countries of our Global Alliance for Innovation, which could translate into investments in the future, ”he said.

EV Ramana Reddy, additional chief secretary of the electronics, computer, biotechnology and science and technology department, said the pandemic had brought people and events around the world closer together. “We have seen additional global participation this year, and upcoming editions of the Bengaluru Tech Summit will be even more dynamic, inclusive and truly global as we have realized that technology has the power to transcend all geographic and physical barriers and borders,” did he declare.

As part of the GIA, some 25 countries participated in the event in addition to several industry leaders.

The summit recorded a total virtual attendance of around 2.5 crore from visitors.


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