Jacobite faction of Malankara church observes protest day


The movement comes in the face of what they claimed was an attack on the church in the form of seizures of churches

The leaders and members of the Jacobite faction of the Malankara church on Sunday observed a day of protest across Kerala over what they claimed was an attack on the church in the form of seizures of churches. The protest was observed on Sunday following a decision by the Jacobite Church working committee, which met in Kolencherry on Saturday.

The Jacobite Church had previously said it would end all protest action in view of the peace talks called by the state government between the two factions of the Malankara Church. The protest is against “denial of justice” and supports a demand for legislation to end the seizure of Jacobite churches, the task force said.

The protest comes following the state government’s seizure of St. George’s Church in Mudavoor, near Muvattupuzha, last week. The church was then handed over to the Orthodox group of Malankara Church in accordance with a Supreme Court verdict in July 2017.

Father Sleeba Paul Vattavelil, trustee of the Jacobite church, expressed his sadness at the development of Muvattupuzha and regretted the government’s action. The group of worshipers under him observed a day of protest on Sunday at Kunnappilly St. George’s Church, near Ayarkunmam.

The Jacobite group argued that the state government had in its affidavit before the Kerala High Court requested three months of time to settle the issues between the two factions of the Malankara church.


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