Integrating civil, military ecosystems key to resource use: CDS


General Rawat calls for dual-use infrastructure at all levels

The contractual envelope of the defense budget makes the creation of a dual-use infrastructure all the more imperative thanks to the civil-military fusion, declared the Chief of the Defense Staff (CDS), General Bipin Rawat, calling for the integration of civilian and military ecosystems to optimize the use of resources.

“The existing segregated nature of defense industry and trade ecosystems restricts our capabilities and capabilities to manufacture defense equipment. Integrating civilian and military technological efforts is the way forward for self-reliance, ”General Rawat said during a webinar hosted by the Center for Joint Warfare Studies.

Regarding triservice integration, General Rawat said that the joint study groups on Integrated Air Defense Command, Integrated Theater Controls and Maritime Theater Command have released their documents which are “under development. ‘iteration, deliberation and refinement so that firm steps can be taken to make them operational. in the next 2-3 years. ”

For this, General Rawat said he established timelines for the transformation to be effective and that in the first year they review and evolve the concepts.

“It should be followed by a year devoted to trails, test bed and alignment of structures,” he said, adding that the next two years would lead to the stabilization of structures and integrated processes. .

General Rawat said the feasibility of integrating civilian and military airports to enhance air security, airspace management and combat support capabilities should be examined. Satellites for remote sensing and reconnaissance, communication, positioning and navigation must also meet the needs of the armed forces with the desired built-in encryption, he observed.

Stating that railway cars and civilian truck trailers are to be made for dual use, capable of carrying heavy military equipment, including armored fighting vehicles, General Rawat said: “Construction of communication towers and electrical infrastructure as well as rails, roads, bridges and tunnels at the border States must have specifications that also facilitate use by the armed forces. “

He called for examining civil-military convergence in storage and storage facilities for petroleum products, rations and ammunition. Civil-military integration in infrastructure development is key to the nation-wide approach to national security, he said.

Stating that a nation’s aspirations to become a regional power cannot rest on borrowed forces, General Rawat said Indian wars must be won with Indian solutions.

He said that cooperation between government and business facilities in research and development, manufacturing, maintenance operations, production of components and similar sub-components on the same production lines will optimize the commercial industrial base and defense systems, maximize the use of resources and reduce manufacturing and lifecycle costs for defense. equipment.


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