IMA condemns surgery sanction for Ayurveda


Calls on the National Medical Commission to protect the ‘purity’ of modern medicine

The Indian Medical Association condemned the notification from the Central Board of Medicine of India legally allowing postgraduate Ayurvedic physicians in two specific disciplines to perform dental procedures and surgeries in general surgery, orthopedics, ophthalmology and ENT, after training formal.

In a statement here, IMA said it would resist this “retrograde stage of mixing systems” at all costs and demanded that the order be withdrawn. He said that “corrupting modern medicine by mixing with other systems and poaching the disciplines of modern medicine through the backdoor” was “a criminal act of the first order”.

The IMA demanded that the National Medical Commission, which is responsible for protecting the “purity” of modern medicine, assert itself.

The strong statement from the IMA follows a notification from the CCIM, which regulates the teaching and practice of Ayurveda, amending the Regulations on Postgraduate Education in Ayurveda, 2016 and allowing PG students of Shalya (general surgery) and Shalakya (ENT, eye, dentistry) to perform 58 surgical procedures after obtaining formal training.

He said that the CCIM should develop its own surgical disciplines from its own ancient texts and that it should not claim the surgical disciplines of modern medicine as its own. Such deviant practice is unworthy of a statutory body, according to the IMA statement.

The IMA questioned the sanctity of the NEET exam if the Center had no qualms about “designing side entry shortcuts” into the mainstream of modern medicine. He said no members of the IMA or the Modern Medicine Fraternity will be made available to teach the discipline of Modern Medicine to students from other systems. Every system of medicine should thrive on the strength of its purity, the IMA said in the statement.

The government should refrain from posting a modern medical doctor in Indian medical colleges, he said.

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