‘Hurt sentiments’: MP may act against kissing scenes in web series


Through: Express press service | Bhopal |

Nov. 23, 2020, 1:47:31 a.m.

Mira Nair’s Appropriate Boy is streaming on Netflix. (Photo: Tanya Maniktala / Instagram)

One day after a BJP The youth leader called out kissing scenes shown in ‘A Suitable Boy’, a web series based on the novel by Vikram Seth, a way to promote the ‘jihad of love’, the Home Secretary of the Madhya Pradesh, Narottam Mishra, said on Sunday that the state government is reviewing the scenes and considering the action.

Mishra said in a video message shared on Twitter: “A series of suitable boys on an OTT (Over-the-top) platform is highly reprehensible. Kissing scenes were shot inside a mandir with a bhajan background. There are several of these clichés that I think hurt people’s feelings.

He said he asked the police to examine the scenes and what action could be taken against the directors and producers of the series.

Mishra’s statement comes a day after BJP youth leader Gaurav Tiwari filed a written complaint with the SP, Rewa, Rakesh Kumar Singh. “In one episode, we see the Muslim boy kissing the Hindu girl three times. And all three times, the kissing scene is shown in the Shiv Mandir located at Maheshwar Ghat, ”the complaint said, adding that it was a plot to promote“ love-jihad ”. Gaurav has demanded rigorous action against Monica Shergil, vice president of content, Netflix and Ambika Khurana, who holds the title of director of public policy.

A senior police official said: “We will need to take a close look at the content and the objections to determine if it is susceptible to further action.”

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