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How south Indian cinema is boosting theatrical business post COVID-19 with pan-Indian projects – Entertainment News , Firstpost

“Southern film collections are currently closely watched in the halls of major Bollywood production houses. The success of the Master of Vijay was a revealing moment.

Pooja Hegde and Prabhas in a poster for Radhe Shyam. Twitter @taranadarsh

The way South Indian cinema, especially Tollywood, led the rebirth of the Indian film industry after the pandemic with stringent measures and business operations left all stakeholders in other regions to sit back and take note. There has been a steady stream of theatrical releases with quite a bit of box office success.

Leading business analyst Taran Adarsh ​​pointed out the same in his recent tweet congratulating the Telugu and Kannada industries on their ambitious release plans for the coming year.

First post got in touch with prominent figures like (the main hero and writer of the upcoming Telugu-Hindi bilingual Major), Karthik Gowda (Creative Executive Producer, Hombale Films, creators of KGF) from South Indian Film Industry and Business Analyst Taran Adarsh ​​to talk about the recent trend of Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada films targeting pan-Indian releases and why 2021 is going to be an exciting year for the Southern Indian film fraternity.

“It would be a disservice to the martyr Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan if his story is not seen by the general Indian public. He was a handsome young man who fought for the country like a true hero. film and its character are the main factors that explain the large scale of the film, “said Adivi Sesh of Major.

How South Indian Cinema Boosts Theater Activity After COVID19 With Pan-Indian Projects

Adivi Sesh in a poster for Major. Twitter @taranadarsh

Karthik Gowda, who finances KGF, said: “When we decide to go for pan-Indian outings, first of all, the subject has to be really fresh. Audiences of other languages ​​will not accept a pan-Indian film that has a script and treatment that they’ve experienced before. Recently, we have had many examples that a pan-Indian outing doesn’t always guarantee wide reach and success. Audiences are used to large-scale films and big productions in all languages. The magic with KGF was the whole new world that we presented to the public in the second half; that’s why everyone loved the movie. “

Taran Adarsh ​​confidently says the south is now way ahead of Bollywood. “We love to watch Southern movies here. They showed courage after Covid with all of their exciting pan-Indian announcements and started the ball rolling. Salman Khan was among the first to announce in Bollywood Radhe theatrical release then YRF followed and now there is a frenzy of announcements of other great Hindi films. Southern film collections are currently closely followed in the halls of major Bollywood production houses. The success of Vijay’s Master was a revealing moment here, and of course it all started with the Baahubali phenomenon. Although the Hindi version of Master did not do well, a lot of people in the North saw the Tamil version and the success of the film gave a boost to the entire Indian film industry after Covid. “

How South Indian Cinema Boosts Theater Activity After COVID19 With Pan-Indian Projects

Vijay Deverakonda in a poster for Liger. Twitter @taranadarsh

Adivi Sesh said his team authentically shot Major in Telugu as well as in Hindi. “This is not just a film dubbed in Hindi. Hyderabad, Kozhikode and Mumbai are equally important to the film’s script. Actors from all over the country contributed to the film. Major Sandeep’s mind is focused on the film. national unity and patriotism. I am naturally influenced. by its aura and I do not want to differentiate between North and South. I see Major like a truly Indian movie. “

Sesh added, “And it’s always a pleasure for any artist to have their work seen by a wider audience. And maybe that’s in the way I think, and because of my exposure to various geographies and cultures during my upbringing (in Chennai, Vizag and also overseas in the US and Africa), my stories and writing also tend to have a fairly universal sensibility. They are not rooted and specific to one culture. So pan-Indian plans will definitely be part of my future creative endeavors too. “

“When you go for such broad pan-Indian versions, the reach of remakes in other languages ​​will eventually narrow; this market will take a hit, ”said Karthik Gowda. “Even in the case of a universal OTT version like the recent one Drishyam 2, the film is so well received now and many non-Malayali audiences have seen it. Other language remakes need to be completed and released within a very short period of time to keep the topic always fresh. This is why the Telugu remake begins on March 1 itself, ”he added.

How South Indian Cinema Boosts Theater Activity After COVID19 With Pan-Indian Projects

Jr NTR in RRR. YouTube screenshot

Sesh also commented on how the Telugu industry flourished after releases resumed after the pandemic, and how a non-star film like Uppena rings cash registers at the box office.

“There is a reason why the largest number of movie theaters are in the Telugu states. Revenues are expressed in terms of Telugu share, while other Indian film industries use gross or net ratios. The spectacular figures of Uppena which pocketed a share of Rs 50 crore, the successful exits of Sankranti (including Master) show that Telugu audiences are as loyal and fervent to their habit of going to the movies as they always have been. I would choose RRR like the pan-South Indian film that I’m really impressed with.

Taran suggests that increased marketing and promotion measures will allow southern films to further penetrate the central Hindi belts of the nation.

“Going forward, I would suggest that Southern stars and producers market and promote their films more widely in Hindi belts at least a few weeks before their pan-Indian release so that the masses are more aware of their films. Even though big stars cannot travel in these difficult times after Covid, they can resort to online interactions and aggressively promote their films if they have enough confidence in their content.

Taran also chose the most anticipated of Rajamouli RRR as his favorite movie this year. “I am really excited in particular for RRR. After Baahubali massive success, I rank SS Rajamouli as the greatest superstar in Indian cinema, with due respect to all other icons. Even if RRR is opposed to a big star-led Hindi movie, it will always dominate the box office roost. “

He added: “The phenomenal success of Uppena has also caused a flurry in Bollywood. After tweeting about the huge numbers of the movie, many Hindi producers contacted me about it and expressed interest in watching the movie. The availability of English subtitles really helps to see such fresh movies in other languages. Recently I was able to take advantage Drishyam 2 instantly thanks to the availability of subtitles. “

After leaving KGF 2, Kannada industry experts believe Yash will plan his future films also as pan-Indian releases due to the impact of the brand KGF. There is also a good positive vibe around Kichha Sudeep’s upcoming film. Vikrant rona which is a pan-Indian superhero movie. The recent launch of the film’s first look and motion poster at the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai has had a huge impact. It could be Kannada cinema’s next big thing after KGF.

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