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Haryana Farmers Destroy Crop In Protest Against Centre’s Farm Laws

Some farmers in Haryana destroyed their wheat crop in protest against agricultural laws (performance)


Some farmers in Haryana destroyed their wheat crop in protest against the new agricultural laws in the center, prompting political and peasant leaders to ask them not to resort to such drastic measures.

Some farmers in Karnal, Jind and Ambala districts had destroyed wheat crops on two to four acres of their land.

In the village of Mundigarhi in Karnal, a farmer on Tuesday destroyed his wheat crop on four acres. The farmer told reporters he did so to protest the new farm laws.

Another farmer in the village of Manakpur, about 3 km from Ambala town, flattened his wheat crop to an acre.

Gurpreet Singh, who wanted to destroy the crop of more than five acres, was prevented from doing so by local BKU chief Gulab Singh.

Mr. Gurpreet told reporters he was upset with the attitude of the Union government because it did not repeal agricultural laws.

In recent days, some farmers have destroyed their crops on a few plots of land using their tractors, prompting Haryana BKU chief Gurnam Singh Chaduni to call on them not to take such a step.

Mr. Chaduni urged them not to take such a step, saying the Center will not be affected by such steps.

“For a few days now, we have been receiving reports that farmers are destroying crops. It hurts to see this as farmers cultivate their crops like their children,” Chaduni said.


“These fellow farmers who are doing this, I want to tell them that the government will not accept their demands with such measures. Ten to 15 farmers have already committed suicide, when it has not moved the government, will they accept the request if the crops are destroyed, “Chaduni said in a video message.

Speaking to reporters in Bhiwani, Agriculture Minister JP Dalal said, “I don’t think this is appropriate. There may be other ways to protest.”

Speaking to reporters after the Congress Legislative Assembly Party meeting, former Haryana chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda also called on farmers not to harm their crops.

Farmers in a few districts started destroying their wheat crop at the heels of BKU chief Rakesh Tikait, appealing to them during a “kisan mahapanchayat” held in Hisar district where he asked them to be ready. to sacrifice their growing crop if their demands are not met by the Center.

Claiming that they will not return home until farm laws are repealed, Tikait said last week that farmers should be prepared to sacrifice their growing crop for it.

Assuming that some farmers had misinterpreted Tikait’s call, Mr Chaduni sought to clarify what he had said.

“What Tikait had said if the need arose, farmers should be willing to sacrifice a crop. Where did he say they should destroy their crop. Hands clasped, I call that no farmer should destroy his crop or kill himself.

We fight, we do not leave the turmoil. We will continue this agitation until such time as the government does not accept our demands, ”Chaduni said.


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