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Govt to implement 4-pronged health strategy, says PM

Stressing that the government will implement a four-pronged strategy for the health sector, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday urged the private sector to partner with the public sector for the creation of advanced health technologies.

Speaking to a webinar on the effective implementation of budget arrangements in the health sector, Modi said the government treats health issues in a “holistic way” and that “the emphasis is on the good- be and not just about the treatment ”.

He said: “The government is working with a four-pronged strategy. First, the prevention of disease and the promotion of well-being…. Second, to provide cheap and effective treatment to the poorest of the poor … the third is to increase the quality and quality of health infrastructure and health professionals … (and) fourth is to work in mission mode to overcome obstacles … as the Indradhanush Mission has been extended to tribal and remote areas of the country.

Modi said that according to the recommendations of the 15th Finance Committee, local bodies would receive more than Rs 70,000 crore. He said: “… the government is focusing not only on investing in health care , but also on expanding access to health care in remote areas … we must ensure that these investments not only improve health, but also increase employment opportunities. ”

With the announcement of the National Digital Health Mission, where a health ID card will be given to every citizen, Modi said the private sector should join the flagship initiative. He said: “… the private sector can support PPP models by creating a network of public health laboratories as well as a stake in Prime Minister Ayushman Bharat. There may also be a partnership on the national digital health mission, digital citizen health records and other advanced technologies. “

He said that the digital health mission will help ordinary people to get effective treatment according to their convenience. The country, he said, needs more wellness centers, district hospitals, intensive care units, health surveillance infrastructure, modern laboratories and telemedicine. “We have to make sure that the people of the country, whether they are the poorest of the poor and even if they live in remote areas, receive the best possible treatment,” he said.

Modi stressed that India’s “demonstrated” experience during the Covid-19 pandemic has been appreciated by the world. “The world’s attention would definitely be on India’s medical education system and there would be a huge influx of foreign students to study medicine in India … the demand for Indian doctors, Indian nurses , Indian paramedics, Indian medicines and Indian vaccines will increase across the world, ”he said.

The Prime Minister said Indian industry should focus on making the country a “global supplier” of medical equipment “in an affordable and sustainable manner”. However, he expressed disappointment with the pharmaceutical sector’s dependence on raw material imports.


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