Govt authorises post-grad Ayurveda practitioners to be trained to perform surgical procedures


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Updated: Nov 22, 2020 3:16:38 PM

AYUSH Ministry Secretary Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha said the CCIM’s notification does not amount to a policy deviation or a new decision. (Representative image)

The government issued a notice that allows postgraduate practitioners in specific Ayurvedic fields to be trained to perform surgeries such as excision of benign tumors, amputation of gangrene, nasal surgeries and cataracts.

The notification from the Central Council of Indian Medicine, a statutory body under the AYUSH Ministry responsible for regulating Indian medical systems, listed 39 general surgical procedures and about 19 procedures involving the eyes, ears, nose and throat in amending the Central Indian Medical Council. (Postgraduate Education in Ayurveda) Regulations, 2016.

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“These regulations can be called the Central Indian Medical Council (Ayurveda Postgraduate Education) Amending Regulations, 2020.

“In the Regulation of the Central Council of Indian Medicine (Postgraduate Education in Ayurveda), 2016, in Regulation 10, after the sub-regulation (8), the following sub-regulation should be inserted, namely – During the period studies, the PG scholarship holder of Shalya and Shalakya should be practically trained to familiarize himself with the following activities and to perform them independently, so that after graduation from PG he will be able to perform the following activities. following procedures independently, ”we read.

AYUSH Ministry Secretary Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha said the CCIM’s notification does not amount to a policy deviation or a new decision.

“This notification is more in the nature of a clarification. It streamlines the existing regulations for postgraduate education in Ayurveda with respect to the specified procedures.

“In addition, the notification does not open the whole field of surgery to Ayurvedic practitioners and specifies a set of surgical procedures. He points out that not all Ayurvedic graduates can perform these procedures. Only specialists from Shalya and Shalakya are allowed to perform these surgeries, ”Kotecha said.

The chairman of the board of governors of the CCIM, Vaidya Jayant Devpujari clarified that these surgeries have been performed in Ayurvedic institutes for more than 20 years and that the notification legalizes them.

“The purpose of the publication of the notification is also to set limits by specifying the list of procedures so that practitioners limit themselves to the set of surgical procedures mentioned in the regulation,” said Devpujari.

According to the Gazette notification of November 20, the procedures listed include the removal of metallic and non-metallic foreign bodies from non-vital organs, the excision of simple cysts or benign tumors (lipoma, fibroma, schwanoma, etc.) d non-vital organs, gangrene amputation, traumatic wound management, removal of foreign bodies from the stomach, strabismus surgery, cataract surgery, and functional endoscopic sinus surgery.

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