Govinda Insists on Maintaining Distance from Krushna Abhishek, Kashmera Shah After ‘Defamatory’ Comments


Krushna Abhishek and Kashmera Shah (L)

Govinda finally responded to recent statements by Krushna Abhishek after the latter refused to perform in front of his uncle on the “Kapil Sharma Show”.

  • Last update: November 22, 2020 at 12:32 IST

Recently, the rift between Krushna Abhishek and Govinda became a topic of public discussion when the former refused to perform in front of the latter on the Kapil Sharma Show. Krushna then shed light on his decision and clarified that he would not have stopped his tears had he been in the particular episode featuring Govinda as a famous guest.

Two years ago, Govinda’s wife, Sunita, took offense at Krushna’s wife, Kashmera Shah’s tweet about “people dancing for money”. Sunita alleged that Kashmera was referring to Govinda and decided to cut ties with the two. Last year, when Govinda, Sunita and their daughter Tina Ahuja came on the Kapil show, apparently Sunita didn’t want to share the stage with Krushna. This time, Krushna chose to step aside himself.

Now, after Krushna’s recent statements about his degraded relationship with Govinda, the latter has responded and claimed that he wishes to maintain a “ gracious distance ” with his nephew. According to a report, Govinda also called Krushna’s recent statements “thoughtless and defamatory”.

The differences between Krushna and Govinda are said to have more to do with the mutual differences between their wives.

“I really like Govinda Maama. And I know he loves me so much. That’s why he has the right to be mad at me. And I love him too much to face him now when things are the way they are between us. I couldn’t stop my tears. It is therefore better not to do the episode. I was very close to him. I stayed at his home with him and his family. Jitna hi pyar hai, utni hi dure ho gayee hai (despite our mutual affection, we are now far from each other), ”Krushna recently said in an interview.

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