France Shows Interest In Collaboration For Projects In Kashmir And Northeast India



»France is interested in collaboration for projects in Kashmir and North East India

France is interested in collaborating for projects in Kashmir and northeast India

2020-11-20T17: 26: 05 + 05: 30

France expressed a desire to explore opportunities for collaboration in tourism and other potential sectors in the northeast region and Jammu and Kashmir.

This was conveyed by the French Ambassador to India, Emmanuel Lenain, when he called on Friday the Union Minister responsible for the development of the Northeast Region (DoNER), Jitendra Singh, in a statement.

Singh also discussed various potential projects with him in the northeastern states.

The Ambassador conveyed to the Union Minister the French government’s desire to explore avenues and opportunities for collaboration in different sectors of the northeastern states as well as tourism and other potentials in Jammu-et- Cashmere, the statement said.

Lenain recalled fond memories of his visit to the Kashmir Valley earlier this year as part of a group of ambassadors.

The Minister clarified various sectors in which, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, collaborative initiatives have been undertaken in the North East.

In this regard, he referred to the Citrus Fruit Park Center of Excellence set up in Mizoram with Israeli collaboration and Japan’s collaboration in some of the infrastructure projects.

As for the northeast, Singh said, there were large areas of unexplored potential waiting to be explored.

These, he said, include tourism, handicrafts, handcraft as well as the food and fruit sectors.

The minister said that the prime minister not only placed special emphasis on the development of the northeast region, but also reoriented the “Look East” policy towards an “Act-East” policy and took a number of measures. to increase engagement with Eastern European countries. limits.

In this regard, he also mentioned the Indo-Bangladeshi Enclave Exchange Agreement, which was finalized with the personal intervention of the Prime Minister and also his initiative to amend the 100-year-old Indian Forest Law. years to promote bamboo products and their trade. , the statement said.

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