F1: David Coulthard says Lewis Hamilton deserves Michael Schumacher comparisons.


David Coulthard believes Michael Schumacher would “look in the eyes of his equal” in the form of Lewis Hamilton if they had driven in the same Formula 1 era (More sports)

Hamilton tied Schumacher’s record of winning seven F1 world titles in style with a Turkish Grand Prix victory last weekend.

The Briton had already gone down in history surpassing Schumacher’s total of 91 F1 wins in Portugal last month and continued to take his run to 94 in another dominant season.

Mercedes driver Hamilton is also the all-time leader for poles (97), podiums (163) and points (3738).

Coulthard believes the 35-year-old deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as the legendary German Schumacher.

He told Stats Perform News: “There is no doubt that if Michael was still racing today, in his prime, he would look into the eyes of his equal. [Hamilton].

“Because I think Michael is exceptional and Lewis is exceptional. And I think the way he won his championship in Istanbul was the perfect way to show how good he is.

“Coming from sixth place on the grid in very difficult conditions and winning by what was a pretty big margin in the end.

“So there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that he is the real deal and not only is he one of the best drivers of his generation, he is arguably one of the best drivers in the world. history of sport. “

While Mercedes have once again been in a league of their own in 2020, Ferrari have endured a miserable season, languishing sixth in the constructors’ standings, but Coulthard believes they will be fine.

He added: “It’s obviously very disappointing this year for Ferrari fans around the world, and of course very disappointing for Ferrari themselves.

“But they recognize that they obviously had problems, and the feedback they were receiving from their development, the CFD [computational fluid dynamics], the wind tunnel and what really happened on the track.

“There was also a clarification on the engine which means they couldn’t extract the same performance. But at Charles Leclerc they have an exceptional young driver, they have Carlos [Sainz] come over there. What I actually think is a bit confusing is Sebastian Vettel’s drop in performance, which you just wouldn’t expect from a driver of this quality.

“But that’s what it is, Ferrari will be back in the future, next year’s regulations are small changes, but they could be significant in terms of what’s going on around the rear of the car. car, aerodynamically.

“I think Ferrari has a new engine in development that should hopefully take them forward. So in the same way that they dominated for a period with Michael. [Schumacher], then Red Bull dominated, now Mercedes dominates – every cycle is coming to an end and Ferrari will be back. “

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