English Premier League Has Made Me Better Manager: Pep Guardiola


Pep Guardiola believes he has become a better manager after spending four years in the Premier League with Manchester City. (More football news)

The former Barcelona and Bayern Munich boss is in his fifth campaign as City boss – his longest reign at a club – and signed up for two more seasons this week.

He won six major trophies during his time at the Etihad Stadium, including two league titles in 2017-18 and 2018-19, the first of those with a record total of 100 points.

And Guardiola, who has also won a plethora of accolades at Camp Nou and the Allianz Arena, is grateful for having had the chance to coach in England’s top flight.

“English football is fascinating because there are many different cultures in the same league and in different ways and I have learned a lot as a manager since I have been here,” he told Sky Sports.

“Looking at amazing colleagues in England and the amazing players who are in this league, I feel like I am a better coach than when I landed here, so I can just thank you for this opportunity.

“I’m going to stay longer, enjoy that and learn from each of them. In five seasons, a lot is happening in a positive and not a positive way – that’s to be expected.

“We talked but always when we put all the situations on the table we decided that we could still be together longer.

“It’s a club which in the past hasn’t won much. Recently with Roberto [Mancini] and Manual [Pellegrini], they won and the most recent past we won and won again.

“In three seasons we won eight titles [including two Community Shield triumphs], which is a lot in world football and especially in England. “

Guardiola explained when signing his new contract on Thursday that he had “unfinished business” at City with the Champions League eluding him so far.

City have come out in the quarter-finals in the past three seasons and only reached the last 16 in Guardiola’s first campaign in 2016-17.

“The unfinished business is to continue to [be successful] when in the history of this club, he could not do it, ”he said when asked to explain his words.

“It’s keeping up with the seasons, winning titles or being there to fight for titles. That’s the goal, not a specific trophy, but to be able to keep this club as high as possible in football. . “

“It’s always difficult [to win titles]. To say that now it is more difficult is like the previous years and it was quite the opposite. “

City finished 18 points behind champions Liverpool last season and their 12-point comeback in seven games this season is the least accumulated by a team led by Guardiola at this point in a league campaign.

But the 49-year-old is relishing the opportunity to continue reshaping his squad in hopes of getting back to the top.

“[Building] teams are not a finished affair, ”he said. It’s not something like this season, you have it and it always will be for the rest [of the seasons].

“People change, opponents know you better and you have to move through that, but that’s why our job is fun.

“If everything was always the same, the same practices, the same ideas, the same way of playing, it would be boring.

“But as soon as someone creates a problem or you drop something and you have to lift the players up, that’s the good thing.”

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