England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland Aim To Ease COVID Rules For Christmas


LONDON: The UK government said on Sunday it was working with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to facilitate COVID-19[female[feminine Christmas restrictions to allow families to reunite.

Minister Michael Gove discussed the issue with the premiers of decentralized administrations on Saturday, the government said, and they agreed it was important for families and friends to meet in a cautious and limited manner, while acknowledging that it wouldn’t be a normal party. period.

“As such, the ministers endorsed a common goal of facilitating a bit of extra boiling in households for a small number of days, but also stressed that the public will be urged to remain cautious and that as far as the possible, people should avoid travel and minimize social contact. It said.

Finance Minister Rishi Sunak said earlier on Sunday that Britons could not enjoy a normal Christmas this year, but the government was looking for ways to allow families to reunite.

“As frustrating as it is for all of us, Christmas will not be normal this year,” he told Sky’s Sophie Ridge on Sunday.

“But that said, the Prime Minister is, for example, looking for ways to see how families can spend time with each other.”

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