DC directs sugar factories to pay cane farmers within 15 days


Deputy Commissioner VV Jyothsna ordered all sugar factories in the district not to withhold payments owed to farmers for sugar cane supplied to them for more than 15 days.

Chairing a joint meeting of sugar cane growers and representatives of Kalaburagi sugar factories on Saturday, Jyothsna was responding to complaints from sugar cane producers that factories were not paying their dues for crushed cane during the current season.

The delay in liquidation of stocks should not be the reason for the excessive delay in payment. In accordance with the Sugar Cane Control Ordinance of 1966, factories were bound by a stipulation set by the government to settle payments within 15 days of supplying the sugar cane.

Jagadish Sugar Cane Producers Association District Chairman Patil Rajapur and Aland taluk Association Chairman Dharmraj Sahu argued that although the Center set the fair and remunerative price for 2020-21 at ₹ 2,850 per tonne, the KPR sugar factory in Vijayapura district was paying ₹ 2300 per tonne. Mr Rajapur demanded that the district’s sugar factories pay at least ₹ 2,500 per tonne of cane.

Sugar cane growers have demanded to set the FRP at ₹ 2,500 per tonne for the old field in which the factory itself will cut and transport the field’s sugar cane.

For the current year, the ex-works price set for NSL Sugars is ₹ 2,756, Shree Renuka Sugars is ₹ 2,853, Ugar Sugars is ₹ 2,753. Factories have to pay a set amount to farmers who harvest and ship to the factory gate.

The Deputy Commissioner chaired a meeting of representatives from Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd., NSL Sugars and Ugar Sugar Works Ltd. in Kalaburagi district and Core Green Sugar in Shahapur taluk in Yadgir district and Karnataka State Sugar Cane Producers Association.

She ordered the issuance of a notice of justification to Core Green Sugar for her absence from the meeting.


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