Congress structure collapsed, needs to be rebuilt, says Azad


He says there is ‘no rebellion but a call to reform the party and become a national alternative’

The “ structure ” of the Congress party has collapsed and needs to be rebuilt by having elected leaders of the bloc at the Congressional Working Committee (CWC) level and imposing accountability on the system, the leader said. opposition to Rajya Sabha, Ghulam Nabi Azad. on Sunday.

Mr. Azad, in an interview with the Asia News International (ANI) news agency, however, said that there was “no rebellion but a call to reform Congress and become a national alternative”.

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He also gave the Gandhi a ‘free kick’ as they could not have made any drastic changes during the COVID-19 pandemic, but claimed they accepted their request to have an elected party leader , members of the CWC and other levels of leadership.

Mr. Azad is part of the group of 23 leaders (G-23) who, in August, sent a letter to Congress President Sonia Gandhi in which they called for a “visible, effective and full-time leader” and put in place a mechanism institution to ensure “collective leadership”.

Key panels

Last Friday, Ms Gandhi appointed four of them – Mr Azad, Anand Sharma, Veerappa Moily and Shashi Tharoor – to key party panels on the economy, national security and foreign affairs.

“There is no rebellion in the Congress Party. Rebellion means replacing someone. There is no other candidate for the post of party chairman. It is not a rebellion. It is for the reforms, ”Azad said, adding that“ sycophancy in any party leads to its downfall ”.

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“I’m giving the Gandhi a good blow due to the COVID-19 pandemic because there isn’t much they can do at the moment. There is no change in our requests. They accepted most of our requests. Our leaders should organize elections if they want to become a national alternative and revive the party, ”he added.

According to ANI, Mr. Azad said that “Congress is at its lowest level in 72 years. Congress does not even have the post of Leader of the Opposition in Lok Sabha in the last two terms. The party’s victory in the 9-seat Ladakh Hill Council election came as a surprise, he said.

Bihar results

Breaking his silence on the results of the Bihar election, Mr Azad said that a five-star culture had infiltrated the party and that candidates first checked into a luxury hotel after getting a ticket from party to run for office.

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“The structure of our party has collapsed. We have to rebuild our structure and if a leader is elected into that structure it will work. But to say that just by changing leaders we will gain Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh etc. is wrong. This will happen once we change the system. Until we change the way we operate at all levels, things will not change, ”he said.

Defends Gandhis

In a separate interview with the PTI, however, former Union Minister Salman Khursid strongly defended the Gandhi. “I think it is obvious to anyone who is not blind that people fully support Congress President Sonia ji and Rahul Gandhi, who is our former president. Everyone supports them, ”he said.


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