Congress needs team dedicated to polls: Karti Chidambaram


Elections are now a 24×7 / 365 day phenomenon and the Congress party must have an election preparation committee with a secretary general, whose only job is to be ready for the elections, a member of Lok Sabha from Sivaganga Karti Chidambaram.

Lok Sabha MP, who previously endorsed the critical appraisal of party leader Kapil Sibal Performance of Congress in recent Assembly elections in Bihar, in an exclusive interview with The Hindu suggested that the party put in place a plan that could tackle “the well-oiled BJP electoral machine”.

Money change

“There is this new terminology called strike rate that has entered electoral politics. Our strike rate appears to be lower than that of our allies in the election. So these factors are now being used by our potential allies in the next election to get us to compete for fewer or limited seats. This is not necessarily true because every state election is different, ”Mr. Chidambaram said.

“Congress is not just an addition but a multiplier. In Tamil Nadu, for example, we bring more value when we are in an alliance than when we argue alone, ”he added.

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The Tamil Nadu MP admitted that the performance of Congress in two consecutive Lok Sabha elections (2014 and 2019) has not been “stellar” – cumulatively winning less than 100 seats – and requires a strong counter-strategy strategy .

“It is imperative for us to understand that the BJP is a well-oiled electoral machine in terms of preparation, resources, planning, social media campaign and data. To counter this, we need to have a well thought out strategy that cannot be deployed just before the election. It has to be something that has to be done well in advance, ”Mr. Chidambaram said.

Ideas need traction

He argued that election campaigns need time to get going and cited the example of NYAY’s pre-election congressional pledge. [nyuntam aay yojana].

Nyay or the minimum income support system may have been put in place in core states of Hindi if it had been rolled out four to five months before the Lok Sabha elections, he said.

“I think it was announced too late and didn’t really enter the psyche and mental space of the average voter. If the Nyay program had been announced four or five months earlier and our campaign was focused on this program, perhaps we would have had better results.

Advocating for the candidate selection process and alliances to remain separate from broader electoral strategies, Mr Chidambaram said: “I would like to see a full-time election preparation committee, headed perhaps by a general secretary for elections. elections.

“Secretary General Elections should have a 100-day marker for each state before potential election notification and a 100-day rollout plan to communicate what Congress stands for. It’s just a matter of communicating the agenda to the electorate in advance, ”said the MP.


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