British man who survived Covid, dengue, malaria, gets bit by cobra in Jodhpur


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Nov. 22, 2020, 2:18 p.m.

While the man had blurred vision and difficulty walking, his doctors said these were typical snake bite symptoms that would pass over time. (File)

A British charity worker who survived coronavirus, dengue fever and malaria on a visit to India is now recovering from a cobra bite in Jodhpur.

Ian Jones, from the Isle of Wight, was admitted to a local hospital after being bitten by an Indian black king cobra in a village near the town of Jodhpur last week, AFP reported. Although he has blurred vision and difficulty walking, his doctors said these were typical snakebite symptoms that will pass over time.

“Jones came to see us last week after a snake bite in a village in the area. Initially, it was suspected that he was also Covid-19 positive (for the second time) but he tested negative for it, ”Dr Abhishek Tater, who treated him at the local Medipulse hospital, told AFP.

“While he was with us he was conscious and had symptoms of a snake bite, including blurred vision and difficulty walking, but these are usually transient symptoms,” he added.

Jones, a former healthcare worker, moved to India to lead a charity-backed social initiative for traditional craftspeople in Rajasthan. “Ian was temporarily living in the social enterprise warehouse in Jodphur so he could be closer to the people he supports,” Claire Robertson, of Community Action Isle of Wight, who runs the company, told the BBC.

“He was in an area of ​​the warehouse where he had made his lodging when his foster dog, Rocky, started barking, and when he reached out to soothe him, the cobra, alerted by his sudden movement, l ‘bit twice’ explained.

Community Action Isle of Wight and Jones’ family were able to raise over £ 12,000 on a fundraising website to help cover his hospital costs and return to the Isle of Wight in the south of country. England, AFP reported.

“Dad is a fighter, while in India he had already suffered from malaria and dengue fever before Covid-19,” said Seb Jones, his son, in a statement shared on the GoFundMe page.

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