“BJP MPs Frustrated By Internal Discord, Few Trying To Join US”: Trinamool Leader


3-4 BJP MPs are contacting us to join Trinamool Congress, said Kunal Ghosh. (FILE)


Trinamool (TMC) Congress leader Kunal Ghosh on Sunday said Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders were annoyed by their internal discord that a few of their MPs were trying to join the TMC.

It comes amid speculation that leaders of the Trinamool Congress (TMC) will quit the party ahead of the West Bengal Assembly polls.

“Yesterday, some said that Sougata Ray and others are joining another party. Sougata babu is a high-ranking member of parliament. BJP leaders are trying to silence the fact that they are annoyed by their internal discord as three in four of their deputies and other leaders are contacting us to join the Trinamool Congress, ”Ghosh said at a press conference.

TMC MP Sougata Roy also commented on the same speculation earlier on Saturday, saying he strongly supported his party and would never join the BJP, adding that Barrackpore BJP MP Arjun Singh was a politician of “third. class “and” Bahubali “‘for saying that he and five others were leaving the party.


Despite Mr Roy’s clarification, BJP chief Kailash Vijayvargiya said on Sunday that many leaders in Congress, CPM and TMC were eager to join the BJP.

“The BJP will fight independently, we believe in the policy of the 51% vote. It is true that many leaders in Congress, CPM and TMC want to join the BJP and we will accommodate them according to their ability,” a- he told ANI.

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