Baalu challenges Home Minister


Said DMK had done more for TN

DMK treasurer and parliamentary party leader TR Baalu ​​said on Sunday his party could hold a face-to-face meeting with Union Interior Minister Amit Shah on every street to explain the guaranteed development plans by DMK for Tamil Nadu when he was in Congress. government run at the Center.

Reacting to Mr. Shah’s accusation that the DMK had done nothing for Tamil Nadu, Mr. Baalu ​​said that while the DMK had accomplished a lot during its time in the Union government, the BJP had deprived Tamil Nadu of its share of the GST while inciting communitarianism. .

Mr Baalu ​​said that when the DMK was part of the government led by VP Singh, it succeeded in implementing the Mandal Commission recommendation, providing for a 27% reservation for CBOs in education and employment.

“When we supported AB Vajpayee, we were able to ensure the constitution of the board of directors of Cauvery and Manimandapam for Kamaraj. We canceled the POTA and stopped the privatization of the Salem steel plant when we supported Manmohan Singh, ”he said.

Mr Baalu, who had published a long list of programs implemented through the Center, said a desalination plant costing ₹ 908 crore had been set up to meet the drinking water needs of Chennai. “Even the subway rail project for which Mr. Shah laid the foundation stone was in fact brought to the state by the DMK government and 75% of the work has been completed by our time,” he said. The BJP which had an alliance with AIADMK had destroyed social justice, he added.

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