Australia vs India: Mohammed Shami reveals his secret recipe behind recent success


In recent years, Mohammad Shami has established himself as one of India’s frontline fashion designers. He has become a certainty in the Indian bowling lineup alongside Jasprit Bumrah in various formats. With his excellent performances in all three formats, Shami is now an ideal workhorse for skipper Virat Kohli.

Speaking to BCCI TV, Shami revealed his secret to being successful in all formats. The right arm said that when a bowler starts throwing the ball to the desired length, he can triumph in different formats. So having control of the ball is the most crucial thing.

“My focus area has been the red ball and I’m working on my lengths and movement of my seams,” Shami. “I’ve always thought that once you start throwing the ball at your desired length you can pull it off in different formats. What you need is control. I did well with the white ball and I now spend some time in the net playing with the red ball. You are not playing in the same area because the two formats are different, but your bases do not change much. “

Speaking of India’s current rhythm drums, which are widely regarded as some of the best in the world at the moment, Shami remarked that it was the camaraderie between them that made them dangerous.

“The success of this group is largely due to the camaraderie we share among ourselves,” he said. “There is no real secret as such, but it lies in one’s strengths. We have a common goal and we all seek to achieve it collectively.

Shami, often referred to as Shami in the second round for his heroic performances in the second round of the test matches, further revealed that Indian tailors now hunt in pairs and there is no rivalry between them as they want all get a collective goal.

“There is healthy competition but there is no rivalry within the group. If you look at the numbers, we managed to pick 20 wickets almost on all of our away tours. Even at home in the Freedom Trophy [against South Africa] or the pink ball test [against Bangladesh], the fast bowling group was very efficient. We have a lot of discussions between us. We hunt in pairs. “

Shami was in compelling form during the recent IPL 2020, taking 20 wickets in 14 games. He is reportedly looking to get all the guns out as India prepares to fight Australia.

The series kicks off with the first ODI on November 27.


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