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He enjoyed and reveled in his new role as trial opener but Rohit sharma is ready to be flexible about his batting position in the highly anticipated test series against Australia, as required by the team’s management. The senior drummer is expected to play an important role alongside vice test captain Ajinkya Rahane and Cheteshwar Pujara as skipper. Virat Kohli returns to India after the opening test for the birth of her first child. “I’m going to tell you the same thing I’ve been telling everyone all this time. I’ll be happy to beat wherever the team wants but I’m not sure if they would change my role as opener,” Rohit told PTI in an exclusive interview.

He believes team management will have understood his role in the batting order by the time he reaches Australia after completing strength and conditioning work at a National Cricket Academy in Bengaluru. He had suffered a minor hamstring injury during the IPL.

“I’m sure the guys already in Australia must have figured out what the options are when Virat leaves and who the guys are opening the sleeves,” Rohit said.

“Once I get there I’ll probably have a clearer idea of ​​what’s going to happen. I’ll be okay with hitting where they want,” added the dashing batsman, who is over 46 in average. 32 tests.

One of the best players in the hook and the draw, the Mumbaikar believe that the bounce on the Australian slopes is sometimes not as big a factor as he claims. “We are talking about rebounding but apart from Perth, in recent years, the other fields (Adelaide, MCG, SCG), I don’t think I have that much rebound.

“These days, especially when opening the stick, I will have to think about not playing the cut or drawn and focus on playing ‘V’ and as straight as possible,” he said. He explained how Josh Hazlewood, Pat Cummins or Mitchell Starc would keep him full with the new kookaburra.

“With a new ball, whoever is playing, whether it’s Starc, Cummins or Hazlewood, they will obviously make it go up, swing the ball and the bouncer will be used sparingly.

“They would try to make sure with the new ball that they would get some movement in the air or off the pitch. With the new ball, everyone in the world loves to bowling and send a funny bouncer here. and there.

“The majority of deliveries will therefore be to the stick and not,” he explained. He then cited the example of how Nathan Lyon was Australia’s top bowler (8 wickets) in the Perth test the home side won in the 2018 series.

“We are talking about bouncing on the Australian tracks. But tell me how many people went out on bouncers in the last set?” When we played Perth in 2018-19, it was Nathan Lyon, who got eight wickets including a five for. In Australia, half the job is done if you can start right from the start. “

For someone, who started off on a bright note with hundreds of twins as an opening, followed by a double cent in a three-test series against South Africa, the traditional format comes with its own challenges. “It’s going to be a challenge. In general, international cricket is never easy, no matter what the format. When you’ve had such a long layoff (international cricket), it gets even more difficult.

“So I would focus on the basics of red ball cricket and then you can supplement it with other things. This is how I would like to get things done. You can’t just jump the gun and think too far. “Rohit said.

Rohit said a solid foundation is the key to success in the cricket test. “Once you’ve got your basics right, you can work around that and build your own technique. Mentally, that’s how you prepare, ”he says.


In his 13 years in international cricket he has faced ups and downs and the only lesson he has left is to trust the process. “Mentally I’m ready and I’ve had enough setbacks in my career where I’ve had long layoffs due to injury and form. I know how to come back and bounce back.

“For me, being away for three, six or a month really doesn’t matter. What matters to me is the process,” he signed.

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