Appeasement At Root Of Terrorism, Religious Conversion, Says Minister


Giriraj Singh said on Saturday that “jihad in love” had become a form of “cancer”

New Delhi:

Union Minister Giriraj Singh called on Sunday for the need to undo the attitude of “appeasement” he sees as the root cause of terrorism and religious conversion in the country.

“Appeasement is the root cause of poison like terrorism and religious conversion and we must do harm to its root,” the minister tweeted in Hindi.

It comes after Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath recently announced that his government would pass strict law to curb “love jihad” and forced religious conversion. Previously, the BJP government led by Shivraj Singh Chouhan in Madhya Pradesh said the state would soon have a law against “lovee jihad”.


Speaking on the issue, Giriraj Singh said on Saturday that the “jihad of love” has become a form of “cancer” for social harmony today and that many states are enacting laws against it, Bihar must therefore also work there.

“I think jihad love has become a cancer for social harmony today. Today many states are enacting laws. Bihar must also work on this subject for social harmony without calling it communalism “, said the minister.


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