‘Amit Shah’s criticism of dynasty rule a good joke’


On Sunday, DMK Chairman MP Stalin joined with Union Home Secretary Amit Shah, who vowed to end the dynastic regime, saying it was a good joke.

“The Delhi Chanakya, flanked by the twins who looted state coffers with the support of family members as benamis, criticized the dynasty’s regime. It’s like standing in front of a mirror and negotiating for a teddy bear, ”Mr. Stalin said in a statement, referring to a Tamil expression.

He said the leader realized that the people already knew about the DMK victory and were engaged in a vicious campaign to distract people’s attention. “Let us destroy the web of conspiracy woven by them. Let us reap the harvest and feed hungry mouths. Those who hinder our efforts will be exposed, ”he said.

Mr Stalin said people were clear and they would hand a defeat to the AIADMK-BJP combine in the way they dealt the blow in the 2010 Lok Sabha elections.

Accusing Chief Minister Edappadi K. Palaniswami of using the machinery of government to cover up the faults of his regime, Stalin said he used the police to refuse permission to visit the head of the youth wing. of the DMK, Udhayanidhi Stalin. “Is the government afraid of a single Udhayanidhi Stalin? There are hundreds of them in the group and they will snowball into lakhs and fill the streets, ”he said.


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