AIDSO supports Thursday’s general strike


The All India Democratic Students’ Organization (AIDSO), a student wing of the Communist Socialist Unity Center of India, has extended its support for the all-India general strike scheduled for Thursday. He also called on the student community to actively participate in the agitations called by peasant and workers’ organizations to oppose the anti-popular laws recently adopted by the Union government.

“The anti-popular and pro-business policies of successive governments have gained new momentum under the Narendra Modi government which is determined to serve its business leaders by sacrificing the interests of the ordinary people by whom it was elected. The privatization of strategic, for-profit public sector units has taken on a new pace. The recently enacted and amended laws are essentially part of the government’s sustained anti-popular approach and we must resist it, ”said Suresh G. and Ravikiran JP, chairman of Ballari district and secretary of AIDSO, in the memorandum .

They also called on the population, especially the student community, to oppose the National Education Policy – 2020, which would accelerate the commercialization of education.


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