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After Rally, Rahul Gandhi Visits Protesting Job Seekers In Kerala

Rahul Gandhi claimed that jobs in the state were only available to IPC (M) workers.


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who was in Kerala ahead of the assembly polls in the state, visited a group of senior civil servants from the Civil Service Commission demonstrating outside the Secretary of State in a unexpected change in schedule.

Mr Gandhi, at a rally in Thiruvananthapuram, attacked the left-wing government in Kerala and claimed that jobs in the state were only available to IPC (M) workers.

“I want to talk to you about what’s going on in the country and in the state. I want to talk not only to congressional workers, but to everyone. To students who are educated but who protest in front of the legislature and wonder why they are not are not. I want to tell the fishermen why when they go out to sea they read in the newspapers that the government is trying to destroy their livelihood, ”he said.

He later visited the protesting rank holders and said, “Young people in Kerala are wondering why they cannot find a job. It is a dynamic state with bright young people. The left front government has said it will make Kerala perfect. My question is – perfect for whom? Perfect for Kerala locals or for your own party? If they are one of them, carry their flag, every job is for them. “

The congressionally-led opposition front also protested in support of rank-holders outside the Secretary of State.

Amid protests from rank holders, the state government extended all rank lists – which were due to expire between February 3 and August 2 – until August 4. But the protesters have not given in and are calling for talks with the state government. The ranking list of civilian police officers, which expired in June 2020, has not been extended.

The state government has claimed that the selection for the ranking lists has been quintuple by the Civil Service Commission compared to vacancies and that not all can be assigned jobs. Protests continue outside the secretariat.


“I fight the BJP, the policies of the RSS every day. I take any step, the BJP is attacking me. Right now they are watching this speech and thinking about what we can say to attack it. something that I don’t understand, ”said Rahul Gandhi, referring to links to the gold smuggling case, involving diplomatic channels.

Mr Sivasankar, former suspended principal secretary to the chief minister of Kerala, has been arrested for alleged links to the accused in the gold smuggling case. He is now out on bail after nearly 100 days in jail with the prosecution either unable to present evidence against him or fail to submit the charge sheet within 60 days. Pinarayi Vijayan had alleged a witch hunt by central investigative agencies in Kerala to please their political leaders.

Rahul Gandhi also attacked the BJP in reference to central agricultural laws, and farmers being labeled “terrorists”.

Meanwhile, opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala launched an offensive against the left-wing government over a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that was signed with an American company, alleging they allowed foreign ships to fish on the high seas.

Kerala’s chief minister strongly denied the allegations, saying state policy did not allow foreign vessels to fish on the high seas. A government order was subsequently issued calling for the rescission of the memorandum of understanding between a government agency and an American company regarding the construction of offshore trawlers.

“As a fully government-owned company, KSINC did this without consulting or even informing the government before signing the MoU with EMCC.” The Memorandum of Understanding signed between KSINC and EMCC has led to the dissemination of false information indicating that the government of Kerala has taken a decision to grant deep sea fishing to corporate trawlers, while no decision of this kind is not taken ”, declared the decree of the government.


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