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AAP emerges second in Surat after BJP, no seats for Cong

Surat voters proved to be outliers once again as they not only brought back the BJP, but decimated Congress and got the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) to second the position in the elections to the Surat Municipal Society. .

In the 120-seat 30-wards results reported on Tuesday, the BJP won 93 and the AAP took 27 seats, with Congress unable to secure a single seat – a drop from the 36 seats it has. won in the 2015 polls. Taking responsibility for the defeat, the congressman of the city of Surat, Babu Rayka, resigned his post.

Delhi Chief Minister and AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal, who congratulated the people of Gujarat on Twitter for “the start of a new policy,” is expected to arrive in Surat to participate in a victory rally on the 26th. February.

In the 2015 SMC elections, the BJP faced the wrath of the Patidar community in Surat over the quota turmoil. With the support of the Patidar leaders, Congress won 36 of 116 seats – 26 of which came from areas dominated by the Patidar. The BJP then won 80 seats with a voting percentage of 39.64.

However, Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) broke away from Congress after the latter gave tickets to only one of the three

names recommended by PAAS for civic body surveys

As a result, PAAS has extended its support to PAA applicants.

PAAS Surat official Dharmik Malaviya said the results are a slap in the face of BJP and Congress, “adding that both sides” abused “the Patidar community and” played politics. “

“The people of Surat have the best alternative to AAP which started its journey from Surat and has spread to different parts of the state. Another reason why the candidates for Congress were defeated is due to the statement of Congress leader Jayrajsinh Parmar, ”he said.

Malaviya was referring to an alleged statement by Parmar attacking PAAS after the confrontation between the organization and Congress escalated.

Surat City BJP President Niranjan Janjmera said: “Among the candidates, 59 from AAP, 81 from Congress and 129 from other parties and independents, and six from BJP had lost their deposits.

PAA candidates won all four seats in Ward 2, 3, 4, 5, 16, 17 and two seats in Ward 7 and one seat in Ward 8.

The city’s congressional leader Babu Rayka’s son Ruchin Rayka and his nephew Shailesh Rayka also contested the elections to no avail.

The three times Congress advisers Dinesh Kachhadiya, Dhansukh Rajput, Aslam Cyclewala, Satish Patel are also among the other great leaders who have lost.

Taking responsibility for defeat in municipal elections Surat city congressman Babubhai Rayka has sent in his resignation to the GPCC leaders.

Speaking to the Indian Express, Rayka said, “I am not in a position to say anything about the results. I accepted my responsibility for the defeat of the party and gave my resignation to the party’s superiors.

Several congressional leaders reached the congressional office of Surat city in Nanpura and took out a picture of President Babu Rayka and threw it on the road and chanted slogans against Rayka. Video of the incident has gone viral on social media. Later that afternoon, some of Rayka’s supporters also arrived at the party office and chanted slogans supporting Rayka and the top Congressional leaders.

Athwalines police personnel reached the congressional office and took control of the situation and separated the two groups.

Lalit Vekhariya, a close associate of BJP State President CR Paatil, also lost in Ward number 7 (Katargam). Vekhariya was appointed vice president of the BJP of Surat city by Paatil, and later to run for municipal elections, he resigned.

Surat City BJP President Niranjan Janjmera said, “We got 13 more seats than the last municipal elections and it shows that the public has accepted the development work done by BJP in Surat City. . The hard work of the BJP volunteers and the concept of the page committee had led to such a massive victory. “

Gujarat AAP spokesman Yogesh Jadwani said, “Victory is public and they have trusted us and our elected councilors will work honestly without doing corrupt activities and will not allow corruption either. people rejected them.


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