1 Dog, 2 Humans: Labrador’s DNA Test To Settle Ownership Dispute


Police took the dog into custody on Friday and took his blood samples on Saturday


A 3-year-old Labrador dog will undergo a DNA test in Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh, to end a property dispute.

Shadab Khan and Kartik Shivhare both claim the dog is theirs.

Mr Khan alleges that his missing black Labrador named Coco was held captive at Mr Shivhare’s home and also claimed that they were trying to sell him.

The Shivhare family claim it is their dog named Tiger.

Shadab Khan, a journalist by trade, lodged a missing complaint about his dog Coco with the police in August.

Recently, he traced the dog to the home of Mr. Shivhare, an ABVP leader. He went to his home to bring the dog back, but the dog resisted claiming he was the dog’s human.


Mr Khan surrendered to police on November 18 with a complaint, photos and receipts. He also demanded a DNA test. The next day, Mr. Shivhare reached the police station with a complaint claiming ownership of the dog.

Mr Khan claimed he bought the dog from Pachmarhi in 2017, while Mr Shivhare said he got it from a breeder based in Itarsi a few weeks ago. Police took the dog into custody on Friday and collected his blood samples for a DNA test on Saturday to verify his parentage and, thereby, his real owner.

“DNA samples were collected on Saturday. Investigations are ongoing. We will return the dog to its real owner after receiving the DNA reports,” said police officer Hemant Sharma.

Surprisingly, the dog responds to both names – Coco and Tiger, and is friendly to both seekers.


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